Don’t publish the news. Sell it.
Mazama is building the future of local news. This is just the beginning: A website and CMS designed to give readers a digital experience they will love and pay for.
Make you money
Designed specifically to sell digital subscriptions.
Automated marketing technology guides readers to pay for digital. At every turn, we remind them the value you provide. We’ll craft you a custom digital marketing plan and help you kick off a subscription campaign to grow this new, sustainable revenue stream.
Save you time
Free up staff to pursue the journalism readers pay for.
Our CMS/website is dead simple. They’ll spend less time posting stories, organizing homepages, managing social, sending newsletters. Our built-in payment technology will handle subscription and ad payments and cancelations, freeing up your back-office staff.
Please your readers
An experience worth paying for.
Our simple design is inspired by social media feeds. No more pop ups, autoplaying videos or other distractions from the content. No complicated navigating or digging to find the stories of the day. Becoming a subscriber is a breezy three-step process, too.
Everything you need and nothing you don’t.
Easy-to-use We removed all the extra widgets and gizmos. Your readers and journalists will thank you.
Optimized funnel Our subscriber journey is meticulous – from newsletter signup to checkout – to maximize paying customers.
Marketing automation We send them well-timed emails encouraging your users to read the news, subscribe, or invite friends.
Dead-simple email Our built-in tool lets you send an email newsletter or breaking news alert to your readers in a single click.
Fast and beautiful Speedy load times are optimized for the phone. Our unique design abides by the latest industry standards.
Industry-expertise inside Designed and built by the journalists and publishers who understand your business end-to-end.
Trust built-in At key moments in their journey – like our Welcome emails – readers learn how journalists work.
Tailored approach We’ll craft a marketing campaign to help sell digital subscriptions. For free. Then we follow up.
Simple sharing We automatically share your stories to your social media pages - just check a box and we’ll post them.
Easy ad serving We make it easy to upload and schedule your ads for publication. And for advertisers to pay, too.
Smart billing We automatically bill your customers monthly or annually and let them cancel or modify their subscription.
Full-time support We’re your new IT guy. No developer needed. No servers to deal with. We handle it all.
Our family of publishers
Mazama helps these publishers better serve their readers, make more money, and collaborate with one another.
“Digging Deep Into Local News, A Small Newspaper In Rural Oregon Is Thriving”
Our co-founder Les Zaitz was recently interviewed on NPR about his newspaper in Eastern Oregon.
You bring the stories. We’ll do the rest.
With print revenue declining, local newsrooms need the right platform to make money online. Mazama is the web solution local news has been waiting for.